How to place an Ad. (updated)

FIRST take a minute to view a few classifieds before placing an ad to allow yourself to become familiar with how the ads are displayed.

NEXT click on the Place An Ad button at the top of the classified page.

ENTER your category from the Drop Down Menu. Select ad term. Free ads run 30 days. Payments are secure through Paypal. Click “Continue”.
featured ad image34THEN:

  1. Enter your ad title. This should give the reader an idea of what you are selling… “ie” 1957 Chevy Belair, 2 dr (do not use a non-descriptive title like “For Sale” )
  2.  Enter your Name (first name only or can be left blank).
  3.  Enter your Email Address (email is required).*
  4.  Our systems will then send you an email confirmation & password so you can edit your ad at any time later.
  5.  Enter your Phone #, State, City, & Item Price.
  6.  Enter the Item Details. *HINT-be creative & give lots of details!*
  7. Enter Math problem answer.  To make sure you are not a machine.

HIT CONTINUE Now you can upload your pictures!  Broswe your files to select your picture.  Picture size limited to 1.5 Mb, to upload larger please resize picture first.

NEXT click “Upload Images”  Note you can upload 2 picture with a free ad. Review picture after uploading.

THEN click on the Finish.

Note: If you don’t have a picture ready you can submit your ad then come back & edit the ad using your email & password that was sent in your confirmation email.

Remember: Ads with pictures get the most views. After uploading your pictures, click FINISH  You can also Share you ad with your Facebook friends/groups using our “Share” button under you ad!!!

*** SPAM PROTECTION*** – This is a blind email so no one can see your email after submission. When a potential buyer clicks on the contact button in your ad, you the seller will receive an email from them. They can not see your address until you choose to respond.
The system will confirm your ad placement & will send you an email confirmation & password!